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On friday night when I got back into my hostel is was LOUD; a group of 3 guys and a girl from Northern Ireland had checked in and they were there to party! Definitely warned me that I wasn't getting any sleep that night! Anyways everyone was sitting in the rooms and drinking and asking random questions and stuff, and Jenn, Kirsty and I joined in on the fun! We then headed out around 10 to the King's Head pub where we had a few drinks and checked out the live music. Dad you would have loved it the lead singer of the band was a babe lol, very Suzie McNiel-ish, and she had an AWESOME voice. They opened with an Allanis Morsette song it was great. Jenn, Kirstey and I were with Sprog and Karl, two guys from the north, and they all wanted to check out a club so we headed over to CP's. It was pretty lame as it was only 12 and the clubs don't get going till around 1. We still had fun it just wasn't busy.
Saturday morning I got up (without a hangover) and went to the market down the street. It was really good, small market, with lots of fresh vegetables, bagels, olives, jewelry, flowers, cheeses, and bags, and a few vendors selling hot food. It was really cute. After that I wandered around town with a soy latte, checked out some second hand clothing stores, used book stores, found an organic, fair trade shop that sold chocolate I could eat (and good thing I was going crazy!) and other stuff. Also checked out some of the clothing stores, and limited my purchases to a cute necklace that was on sale! It's so hard not to buy the whole store sometimes. Actually, a really crazy, ABD thought went through my head as I was window shopping: If I cut my trip down to just a month, I could go CRAZY shopping here and have the most amazing wardrobe ever! Bad, Kelsey, BAD!
When I got back into my hostel room, around 3 or so, mostly everyone from the night before had checked out, and Karl, Sprog, Gavin, and Jackie from Nothern Ireland were all hanging out and drinking, so I joined them. We had a great time! Harrison was also hanging around too, jutting in occasionaly with the most random facts ever. For example, we were talking about the years we were born, and he randonly pipes up with some fact about which monkey had the most vertebrae in it's tail it was strange.. but gave us all something to laugh about I guess? The four of them bought crazy drinking "hats" or touque, as I informed them! They didn't even know what a touque was, it was funny actually we kept getting words all mixed up we all have such different words for things! Another one was when I asked Jackie if I could use her flat iron to straighten my bangs, they all didn't know what I was talking about! They call if fringe lol, there was a lot of those moments throughout the night.
We decided to head out, and on the streets at night are these people, I called them sign people or flaggers lol, they hold up signs to their bar or club, they hand out stickers for free shots or free entry or whatever, and they stamp you. We were "flagged"over by this one girl from Coyotes, who actually walked us to the bar, gave us free shots, and then went back to her spot. It's so weird but good advertising I guess! And it makes for a lot of extra employees like there were 5 girls from Coyotes alone all along the way to the bar. Anyways we had our free shot, and the boys kept buying more shots throughout the night, and lets just say we all got a little bit messy! We were doing aftershocks, which I've never heard of, but they totally live up to their name! You think you're ok, and then you get the aftershock it was crazy! But I had an awesome night with some awesome people!
Today I head up to Belfast for 4 nights. The guys from the north were giving me all these ideas of what to do up there so I have lots to do potentially. And some good news is I'm getting a free ride up there! There was a group of 17 guys staying around Galway who are here for a stag party, and they said I could tag along because there's room on the bus! So I thought that was pretty sweet. 5 hour bus ride (at least) with a group full of young, crazy Irishmen... we'll see! Hope everyone at home is doing well and good.. miss you all!

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ok Im glad I read this after my nights sleep.....omg are you there yet?

by Leezl

lol, sounds like a blast one girl and 17 irishmen. That will be a bus ride you wont forget. crazy chick.....I love it!

by evada

don't listen to Evada, she is egging you on......but she is right you are a crazy chick! I think your there safe ....right?

by Leezl

Why hang out with an Irishman you could have stayed here and hung out with an Olddutchman. LOL

by spudstud

Wow! Sounds like your having lotsa fun!

I envy U!!

by KeithaBC

i love all your pics
your meteting so many people
thats awesome
have fun with all those boys lol
miss ya!

by cassy n

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