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View_from_..factory.jpgCologne has been really fun! I got in on Wednesday, set up camp in the room and met Gabrielle, from Quebec. We set out exploring the city, took some photos... including one of the resons why I love Cologne:
...got some Starbucks (it had been a while!) and then attempted to get dinner. Ordering vegan in Germany is proving quite difficult! Especially with the language barrier; even though the majority of people speak English, it’s still difficult. I couldn’t even order a side of fries at the place we had dinner because they just didn’t do that! So Gabrielle got dinner there and I just had a few beers and went to the supermarket afterwards. It’s all good, but I have a feeling I won’t even want to try to order food in the next couple of countries! Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary? Good luck!
Later on Thursday night, Gabrielle and I went out hunting trying to find some different beers to try. It’s weird because every restaurant or pub has one kind, and they serve it to you in these skinny, tall glasses and it’s usually anywhere from 1-2 euros for one. Like we asked the first place what they recommended, and they were like, “Uh, Fruh! It’s all we have!“ So we hopped around a few different pubs tasting different beers, until we found the beer museum, which was just a pub, but it had lots of different beers! I had a cherry beer and a really, REALLY yummy grapefruit beer. Very fun!

I think I’m on a bad streak of hostel mates… We got back to the hostel to go to sleep, and one girl was already asleep and two Belgian girls were in the beds across from us yapping excitedly in French. Well, they continued to do so for at least half an hour while all the lights were off and 3 of us were trying to sleep. It was really bad! Like it wasn’t even whispering, which is equally annoying, but they were having full conversations at midnight, in the dark! I was like, take your conversation into the hall or the common room or something! Finally the girl next to me told them in basic French to be quiet, and they mostly were after that… until we were all awake at 5:30 am to them getting ready! They get out their flashlights and proceed to do their makeup and straighten their hair in the room. Like, use the bathroom or something?! I “shushed” them twice and they were whispering loudly and rattling around and stuff, like I would never do that. They opened all the windows and the girl next to me like got up and shut them right in front of these girls. It was pretty ridiculous. Gabrielle told me in the morning (because she could understand what they were chatting about) that they were going to line up for a concert at 6 am and were talking about it and all excited. I guess they were really young girls who obviously had no common sense or consideration for others! I wanted to be like, in a hotel you can do that and talk in the dark and whatever, but you’re in a hostel with other people sleeping! Like go out of the room! That’s what the common rooms are for, and they have bathrooms for getting ready in.. gaaaa! So frustrating only because I would never do that. And there’s a certain level of respect and consideration in a hostel that these girls just didn’t understand. They did the same thing this morning at 6:30, opening all the curtains and letting all the light into the room and talking and whispering for about half an hour while they got ready, probably for an early train. I had to get up and close the curtains like, have some respect! I could go on but I’m probably boring you to death!

Yesterday I got up and ready and Gabrielle and I climbed the 509 steps (or something) to the top of the Dom Cathedral. It wasn’t even that bad of a time going up, but we got great views of the city. Going down made us a little dizzy, but it was fun. Calves are a wee bit sore today, though!
We had a really good lunch at a Thai place, really cheap, and really good and vegan! Finally! Then we said goodbye as she had a train to catch to continue on with her trip, and I made my way to the chocolate museum! Seeing as how I missed, like, 3 along my journey so far I thought I’d better do it, and it was really fun! You learn about the history or the cocoa bean, and then you go into a mini Lindt factory and watch them make chocolate! The whole place smelled SOOO good, and I definitely got myself a souvenir afterwards!
I then continued to wander around the city, made dinner, and met Cameron, a really nice guy from Aus on a 2 year (!!!) round-the-world trip, so we had lots to talk about. We went out and had some beers and chatted, it was really good.

Today I’m off to Nuremberg to stay with Max for 2 nights; he says he’s got plans with his friends tomorrow night in town so that should be fun!

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amazing pictures kels. you're a girl after my own heart, hit every chocolate museum you can. stay safe keep finding buddies!! xox

by alex

So there is a really good looking veg restaurant in Prague...I will facebook message you directions :-)

by Kristin

How much would I have LOVED being in the presence of a chocolate museum!!

by tawnya y.

your slacking on the blog lately!

by leezl

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