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Pretty Prague

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Prague has been pretty good, and I’m a little sad to be leaving tomorrow! Tonight will be my last of 5 nights, and I feel so comfortable and settled here! Oh well, on to different things I guess!

I’ve been pretty chilled out overall in Prague, and it’s felt awesome. I went on a walking tour a couple of days ago and learnt about the city, met a cool welsh guy, and a really weird French guy, who was traveling solo as well. I was also approached earlier that day by a random guy from the states, asking me where the shopping mall was. Surprisingly, I didn’t know, as I’ve yet to find it as well and have just been shopping in the streets. After I said I didn’t know, he was like, “Oh! You speak English!” I was like ya, pretty sure everyone here does… and he started on this random story about how he went to Vancouver and thought it was beautiful and now wants to shop in Prague, and I was like ya Vancouver is cool, he was like, “Oh, have you been there?” I was like ya I live in BC, and he was like, “You’re SOOOOO lucky!” I was like ya… ok overly-nice creepy guy needs to peace out, as I was getting closer to my hostel and didn’t want him to see me get to my hostel! Right after he finishes his rant about Vancouver he’s like, “Wanna have coffee with me?” I was like nope! I’ve got somewhere to be, with my friends, who are back at my hostel.” YES. I did it, I lied to a stranger!! This has been really hard for me to do, but I guess I can do it well under pressure. Shopping mall guy takes the hint and peaces, without first telling me his name, because I’ll of course need that in the future (??). I’ve forgotten it already!
After the walking tour my room was full of 5 English guys, who I got the pleasure of listening to all night. No really, I loved it! Makes me want to go back, just for the accents. It’s something about their choice of words and the way they, like, flow their sentences, I just loooove it. My future husband should definitely have an accent.

Today I got up with a sore throat, puffy eyes, and a pounding headache, even though I’d had plenty of sleep. I made my way down to a veggie café for lunch, buying a super cute top on the way (the cure for all ailments) and had a really yummy, healthy, sort of Mexican lunch. After that I joined in on the Prague castle tour, and met a bunch of other solo travelers, and had an awesome tour. Got to see great views of the city as well. Our tour guide was hilarious. She’d go off onto these random tangents about stuff it was so funny. Wore the wrong shoes for the tour though and have mega blisters to deal with for the next couple of days. I met 2 other Aussie guys, traveling separately, who both seemed really cool, until the end when the three of us were walking back towards the main square where our hostels were, and the one guy starts talking about how cheap coke is in Prague, and I was like, “Coke?“ thinking Coca-Cola, as the prices of it does fluctuate quite a lot throughout Europe, and he was like, “Ya, cocaine.” Like it was no big deal. I was like, shit, who is this guy? And he had clearly bought some because the end of his story was how the dealer was telling him to tell all of his other Aussie friends to come and buy from him too. Strange, he seemed so nice! The other Aussie just kind of agreed, and then talked about taking it back to Aus and selling it for what it’s worth there, and I was like well, my hostels that way so… see you!
I get back into my room and read my addicting book for a bit, and the 5 English guys, lads if you will, were in there so we were chatting, then an older English guy (who just got in today) comes in and grabs his bag and heads out. I kept reading and was chatting with the English boys. I got up and changed and did a bunch of things around the hostel and I was just about to go to the café where I’ve been getting the wifi when I notice that my towel is gone. I always hang it in the same spot, so I figured maybe the maids thought someone left it behind and took it to the front desk. I checked, and they said that the laundry would be back tomorrow around mid-day. I said that could work, I’d just take a later train to Vienna, but she gave me another clean travel towel that someone else had left behind, and said if I wanted to take it I could, so I said thanks. I go back to my room, and there’s my towel hanging back on the bunk! I was like, “What the hell!” And all the guys looked at me like I was crazy (I was pretty loud), and I was like where’d it come from? And they kind of looked from me to the old guy, who’d clearly just had a shower. I asked the old guy, “Is that yours?” He was like, “Ya…?” And I was like, “NO it’s not! It’s mine!” He was like, “Oh, I just assumed it was mine because it was hanging there.” Like SO nonchalantly, and I was like, “No that’s mine! That’s my towel.” He said back, “Oh, well I won’t be using it anymore, I leave tomorrow so you can have it back now.” I was like NO SHIT IT’S MINE!! No, I didn’t say that but I did say, “Um, ya I would think so! Seeing as how it’s mine!” And then I looked over at all the guys and they just shrugged and looked at me like, oh ya lol. Cool! Good times in hostels, good times. My final words were, “I’m going to get a drink.” And the guys laughed, and I hope the guy realizes what he did because he didn’t even say sorry once! If he’d have been like, “Shit! Sorry I didn’t realize!” I would have been semi-okay, but he didn’t even think he did wrong! Anyways, weird. I returned the loaner towel to the front desk lady, who was confused as I was just there, and told her where my towel had been and she’s like, “Ooooh, that’s weird.” I was like TOTALLY. Too funny, makes a good story I guess looking back now. Except that I have to go out of my way tomorrow to find myself a laundromat to wash my stuff! In Vienna, a town I don’t know yet! Great, should be a fun adventure. Anyways sorry about the absence of pictures again, there has been no good wifi around; all the signals are low and it would take hours to upload just a few pictures, but once I get some good stuff then I’ll put them all up for sure. Off to Vienna tomorrow, Budapest next, then the sunny beaches of Greece for a mini-vacation!

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so funny, werido towel theif. Definatly want to give that towel a good srub down. lol. I starting to get exhausted with all this travel. lol. How do you keep up all I am doing is the reading. Anyways keep on having fun.

by evada

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