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Santorini, aka. Boot Camp

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So, just before the Thai food the other day, we had our first, um, issue, let’s call it. Mom goes to use the washroom in our new room (we’ve moved over from the hotel next door because our room was unexpectedly still occupied when we got here) and the toilet seat’s broken, and the shower doesn’t have a floor. You just shower onto the bathroom floor and there’s a drain. The room’s also quite a bit smaller, and not as cute. Then, after mom’s iffy shower, she can’t find a plug to use her blow dryer in. There’s actually no plugs in the room except for the one that the mini fridge was plugged into. So she has a bit of a break down and freaks out about wanting to move back. Kristel is fully on her side, but is sort of being in the middle saying that if we spoil ourselves now, we’re going to get used to it and want it for the rest of the trip. I’m like ladies, this is freaking 5 star compared to what I’m used to, usually there’s 2 plugs for 20 people! And I don’t want to move back up the road because we will offend Nicholas, and he’s been so nice to us! And my argument was that we’re not even in the room, and we’ve got beds and running water, so what more do we need? The ladies walk up the road and asked how much they charge, while I stayed back as I was not having a part of this treachery! It was actually cheaper than our place, so we decided to talk it over during dinner. It was pretty tense, but we made it through deciding that we would tough it out and stay, after the ladies complained to Nicholas about a few things. Now I think I want to shock them and put them in a 30 bed mixed dorm and see how they deal! Ha, just kidding… kind of.

Yesterday in Santorini, Kristel had found us an all day tour to a couple of different sites in and around the island, so we headed out at 9:30 am for our all day adventure. We got dropped off at the port and met our tour guide, a blonde, fit Austrian we nicknamed Ken Doll, ie. he was very cute. He helped us into a really cute traditional Grecian boat that we rode out to the new volcano.
We wore our little sandals not thinking we’d actually be CLIMBING the bloody volcano, but we did. It wasn’t too bad, but I couldn’t imagine doing it in 42 degree weather, the norm for the summer. Once at the top we took some photos and Ken Doll gave us the info about the volcano.
After climbing down, we rode out in the boat again to these natural hot springs. Mom was asking what we did with our stuff, and I said there’d be lockers and stuff there, just like the hot springs back home. Nope! We dove off the boat and swam towards a little cove near the volcano, and the closer to the shore you got, the hotter. It was really cool. I made a little scene as the water was extremely murky with minerals and I couldn’t see the bottom (phobia coming in!), but in the end I made it. You could float so easily because it was extremely salty water. Very cool.
Next we got dropped off on Therissa, a little island beside Santorini, and we had lunch there with Taylor, a girl we met from Toronto. She works for Air Canada so we chatted about that over lunch, which by the way was the most expensive meal we’ve had so far. Ken Doll recommended the place, and Kristel’s beer, souvlaki, and Greek salad came to 21 euro. That’s like 34 dollars! Crazy prices! After that we hopped onto a different boat and sailed to Oia, on the northern tip of Santorini, where you can watch the best sunsets on the island. Only thing is, you have to climb 295 steps from the port to get up to the city. No big deal, right? I did that many going up the Dom in Koln, and the Willy Wallace monument in Stirling, so no big deal. Let me tell you I’ve never burned my legs so much as we did there. These steps are on a HUGE incline, and they’re about 2 metres long, so you step up a step and then keep climbing on the step, and then step up again. It was ridiculous, and we all have sore bums today! We had to take 4 or 5 pit stops, and we were sweating in places we didn’t know you could. You could hire a donkey for 5 euro, but that’s just cruel! These poor things do that their whole lives it was so sad. And the guy was whacking them with a stick on their way up. I said I’d like him to piggy back me up the fricken hill while I whacked him with a stick. Not cool. They sure left a lot of poo though, so it smelled horrible, and with all our heavy breathing it was even worse! Dodging mounds of donkey crap with jello legs is not fun. After we finally got to the top, it took us another 10 minutes to find water! The streets were filled with jewelry stores, but no water. You could sell it for 10 euro at the top and you’d be rich! But we finally found it and toured around Oia with Taylor, before finding ourselves a ledge in what was probably somebody’s cement backyard to watch the sunset. Oia is a super cute, picturesque Grecian seaside villa that you would see in the movies, it was great. The sunset wasn’t very good as it was quite cloudy, but we still got some pictures and then headed back to Perissa.
This morning Kristel and I had booked a snorkeling adventure in the old volcano. You’re actually in the craters of the volcano, but you’d never know it as it looks just like a normal ocean. You take this little boat over to one of the old volcanic islands and jump out. The boat ride over was ridiculous; we might as well have been at six flags it was soooo rough. I actually thought I was going to hurl a few times. Kristel was just laughing away as I probably went green in the face. We were the only snorkelers out of probably 20 people; every one else was scuba diving, but we actually saw a lot more sea life than they did! Lots of schools of fish, like minnows and red fish and sort of colored fish, sea urchins, and anemones. It was cool, and you could just float as it was sooo salty, but nothing like snorkeling in Hawaii, as Kristel’s been before.
After that we found mom horizontal on the black sand beach we have here in Perissa, and tanned with her for a few hours.
Tonight we went out to the Thai place again for dinner, got all dressy and everything! We’re now drinking amazing wine from the guy up the street, and are off to Crete tomorrow. We’ll be in Italy in less than a week!

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omg everything sounds so amazing. I definatly would have been on that beach with Lisa not inside some volcanoe swimming thats for sure. lol. That walk probaly helps some of all that food and wine hey girls! Miss you all lots. xoxo

by evada

Love the Blog Kook, pictures are beatiful. Way to handle the two cougars and keepin them grounded on the accomodations. Cant wait for the next journey.

love to all

by shirlton

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