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June 2009

Hopefully It's Not This Hard!

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Last night I said goodbye to (almost) everyone I met in Revy. It an awesome night with awesome friends but it ended in a LOT of tears!
I was all packed and ready so I left pretty well on time this morning. The beginning of my drive went well, until I got to Kamloops and couldn’t find the mall for the LIFE of me. I somehow ended up on the North Shore and stopped for directions. Even after the clerk at the gas station literally marked out my route on a map, I still got lost, so after 45 minutes of driving around Kamloops (the time I’d allotted for shopping) I gave up and tried to find my way out. I stopped to ask how to get out of town, and wouldn’t you know it, I get lost again. I see highway west signs so I followed those thinking I would hook up with highway 5, there were a lot of farms and 20 minutes later when I passed a town called Cherryville or something, I started to freak out so I called my mother crying my eyes out wondering where the hell I was, I was seeing signs for Cache Creek and Ashcroft and I was so confused and angry! Turns out I’m on highway 1.. Mom said I could of turned around but I really didn’t want to backtrack so I kept going. She’s like “You’re on holidays, enjoy the drive!“
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Right…The scenery was different than the Coquihalla so that was good, but I followed a lot of motor homes from the States in parts I couldn’t pass going 40-50 km in 90-100 zones which definitely slowed me down! Once I got to Hope and saw the familiar roads I felt a lot better. Made it in plenty of time for the five ferry despite my little side-trip, but it was booked full! That really put me over the edge! Anyways I’m on the seven ferry now and on my way home for a week of relaxation. Only 9 days to go!!

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Is This Really Happening?

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HOLY freaking crap! In 19 days I will be flying out of the country! It's hard to believe how long I've been working and saving and planning and dreaming about this trip, and now it's so close! It feels like the closer the date comes, the more I'm not actually going. Which, I am going, so this is just a really weird feeling. Anyways a little update before I head to work: Train tickets are here, documents are photocopied, got plenty of butterflies, and I have everything I need to backpack around the world. Life is good!
My next post will be from the Vancouver International Airport in 18 days!

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