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BSB In Lisbon!

sunny 24 °C

I’m on the plane now from Lisbon to Madrid, getting really excited to go home! We’re on the home stretch now. Last night was amazing! We got to the concert just after 5, thinking it started at 7, and we were going to get scalper tickets. All day we’d been talking over a limit; mom was saying 75, and I was saying 100, as the tickets sold online for 40. I knew I wasn’t going to back down and not go to BSB, so I just let her think my limit was 75. We get there, and people were lined up and ready, but not overwhelming or anything. We asked the security what we should do if we wanted to get tickets, and he told us to go to the ticket booth. We’re like, ya, ok, we’re going to get tickets to Backstreet Boys 2 hours before the concert. Ha! We walked up the stairs, and there was a girl ahead of us clearly buying tickets, and we were like yes! So gonna get it. Her total price was 68 euro, and we were squirming we were so happy, because that was below our budget! Once we got to the counter, the guy showed us the price ranges: floor was 25, upper balcony was 29, and prime mid-balcony was 34. We’re like, SERIOSULY?! Um, 2 for the prime seats man! We then lined up and found out they didn’t start until 9, so we waited quite a while, being in about the middle of the line in the end. The whole time we were devising up theories about why it was so cheap, like, “Maybe it’s just a big screen of them, or like a DVD they put in or something, like maybe they’re not even here?!” “It would probably have subtitles..“ “Ya, maybe…?!“ Or, “Maybe it’s impersonators, or they’re like skyping in from the states or something?” Once the lines finally got moving into the arena, the girls would have their tickets checked and then run for it, sprint to the doors. We’re like, “Oh my god, it’s just like easyJet, it’s a free-for-all!” So we ran too. Kind of got our spirits up after waiting for like 3 hours! We got in, had our tickets checked again, and got the primest seats EVER. Our balcony was right above the floor, and we were one of the first 100 people in it seemed. There were these sort of box-seats below out balcony that lead to the floor, and we got seats there right on the railing facing the band. There weren’t even screens, like there probably wasn’t a bad seat in the house, but we got one of the best ones. Mom even got a huge, half-litre cerveca for 3 euro! We didn’t bring our camera because we really didn’t want it to get taken or anything, and of course every person in there had a camera! So that kind of sucked, but whatever I guess. But, it was AWESOME! AND, they were there, in all their backstreet boy’s amazingness. It was sweet, seeing a concert where it was, “Make some noise, LISBON!” and not Vancouver or Victoria. And it was the first stop on their European tour. Very cool! And everyone sang along, even though most of them probably didn’t know English! They had a great set up too, with their stairs and DJ and lights and it was perfect. They played all their old songs, and their brand new songs that were really good. So fun! Mom and I passed out as soon as we got home, but had a blast! Home in 2 sleeps, can’t wait to see you Canada :)

P.S. The home videos are already up on youTube from last night, so here's just some of what we saw:

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Laidback Lisbon

sunny 26 °C

We got into Lisbon, and took a bus to our hostel. The website said 20 minutes, but the bus ride was an hour. We’ve learnt that the Portuguese have no perception of time at all, as this was the trend of Lisbon. You’ll see! Our hostel is SUPER cute, like all from Ikea, all black, white, and red, REALLY cute and new. It feels like we’re at somebody’s cute house staying over. Fun. We got up on our first full day and did a walking tour. Our guide was full of knowledge, but didn’t have all of his English words right, and really wasn’t a very good speaker. It was only us and a couple from Squamish who showed up, so it was like a semi-private tour. It was almost 4 hours long, but we learnt a ton about Lisbon. We also got to taste a cherry liquor, and our guide took us into a few cool buildings, as well as through the streets of Lisbon.
He also took us up to this old elevator with good views of the city, and of the castle. And we got to take a tram, something Lisbon is famous for, that was packed full of people and pickpockets. While we were stopped a policia guy came on and walked through to get a well-known pickpocket off the tram. And once we got off at our stop, we looked back at these 2 regular looking guys, and our tour guide told us they were also well-known pickpockets! Crazy. We still have all our stuff though!
After the tour, our guide dropped us off in the Amalfa district where there was the weekly flea market going on. Once we got into the market though, I think my first words were, “This is crap. This is literally crap.” Everything was random. There were a few venders who actually had a set up going on with new items, but most of it was just old guys sitting on the sidewalk with their random crap layed out on a blanket. It actually all looked stolen! We got to a table that had tons of little espresso cups and saucers from different cafes, clearly stolen! We wandered around for a bit, and then got scared that we would be caught by the police if we even looked at all of that stuff! One funny thing though, there was an underwear vender, with some pretty happy mannequins I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of!
After the market we had some really good Indian food, then settled in for the night. I’ve introduced mom to Project Free TV, so we’ve been having little movie nights and catching up on Grey’s and Gossip Girl before we come home. It feels great to be watching real TV again!!

The next day we ventured off to a little beach town just outside of Lisbon called Caiscais. It was really cute, but not very nice out. The train ride there was nice too, but our hostel guy said it would take 10 minutes, when it took 40. Cheap though. The town was cute, and we did a little shopping before the sun sort of came out. We sat on the beach for a bit, then made our way home.
Yesterday we went across the river to another beach town. We had to take a ferry, the shortest ferry of all time, across and then take a “5 to 10 minute bus ride” to the town, which ended up being an hour long bus ride! Pffff…
Once we got there, the town was deserted, and ugly, and run down. It looked so wrong, but the locals kept pointing the same way to the beach so we went and found it. It was a huge beach, apparently one of the longest in Europe, and it was nice out, so we had lunch and then tanned/slept on the beach. Mom watched some surfers and she watched the locals put their boats into the water. It was so weird they pull them through the sand on a chain with a massive tractor, and then the people push them out in the water. Like picture a boat pulling a tube in the water, but the tractor is pulling the boat through the sand. No trailer, just boat on sand. Crazy! We made our way back and were exhausted!
Today we did a little shopping, as we’ve pretty much seen Lisbon now. And tonight, wait for it, we’re going to the BACKSTREET BOYS!! For those of you who don’t know me that well, my guilty pleasure is BSB, and this will be my 3rd concert of theirs! We’re going for scalper tickets, so we’ll see how much they cost and if we even get it, but we’re gong to try our hardest. We fly to Madrid tomorrow, and so do they, so if tonight fails we can try again tomorrow!! So excited! Like I said, tomorrow we fly into Madrid, then Sunday is All Saint’s Day and their huge El Rastro market day, and Monday we fly home!! I can’t wait. I’m hoping the end of this trip goes out with a bang!

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