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Antwerp the smelly, and Rotterdam the friendly!

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Sorry I haven't been on here posting but there's not much to say..

My travel to Antwerp was fine, besides it being really hot and sweaty with all my stuff in tow. Couldn't find the damn hostel because it doesn't have a sign or directions to it on their site, then when I got there it was discusting; gross kitchen, smelled really really bad, you have to buy linens to put over the really dirty beds, it was just nasty. And the staff were alwayss around, but really not much help. Cool. I changed and went out exploring, but it's such a big town I don't think I saw much. Long story short the only thing I took away from Antwerp were bug bites all over me! That are very itchy and annoying and... ya the girl next to me had them too so I'm pretty sure they are bed bugs (good old wikipedia informs me) which is freaking nasty. I've been writing bad reviews for them on all the sites I can so as to prevent more people from having that experience!

Anyways now I'm settled into a very nice hostel in Rotterdam for 3 nights. Yesterday I only went shopping, but all of the store workers were really friendly and all said hi to me and it felt so good to actually have service again! Cool. I met a girl from Kenya last night and 2 guys fom Italy and a guy from New York and we played this traditional Dutch game called Slingo, I think. It was really fun, and Laura (Kenya) and I are gonna go exploring rhe city today!

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Bruges and Beer and New Friends

sunny 27 °C

Wow, I’ve been having an amazing time in Bruges! But I’ll start at the beginning…Last night was a pretty early one, I had a few “kriek’s” or cherry beers with Sergio, a guy I met from Austria who was also traveling by himself. The beer was amazing; it was more like liquid candy than anything! Bright red, fairly cheap, very delicious. I think if I lived here I would have one every night for desert it was so yummy.
This morning I got up at a decent hour, had some cereal and vanilla soy milk (sooo yum, the brand of soy milk over here [AlproSoya] is TO DIE for) and then went about touring around the city some more. It is really, really tiny, and before long I had realized that I saw everything that I needed to yesterday, minus the chocolate museum that I gave up on finding. But I continued to wander, especially because it was a beautiful day out and I had my camera this time.!
Then I set out on finding lunch. I tried 3 different grocery stores, all with nasty “fresh” produce and meat-filled salads. Yum. Then I asked where a sushi place was, and the clerk led me to one that was closed Mon/Tues. Great. I ended up at a local fast food place thinking that I may as well get fries seeing as how I’m in Belgium, but they had a veggie burger and salad that was far too overpriced, but at least I got some veggies. The burger had ketchup on it too and it was delicious! I am a changed woman… anyways so that was all good. I then set off back to my hostel, changed into my bathing suit, and tanned in one of the many parks near my hostel. It was heaven as I nodded in and out of sleep and wiped the sweat off my forehead; I’m finally getting a summer! Only took till mid-August but that’s ok now. I tanned for a few hours, then remembered I should do my laundry as there’s a Laundromat next to my hostel and I don’t know if I’ll get as lucky in the next couple of days, so I did that and read.

As I was organizing my stuff in my room, I met Josh, a solo Aussie traveler, and then later I met Sarah, another solo Aussie, both on the BusAbout tour. Sarah invited me out to dinner with her other BusAbout friends, and after googling the place and finding that it had veggie options I joined in! We met up with her friends: Brooke from Aus, Kerry from near Ottawa, and Annette from Germany. Very fun girls night out! And I ended up having the best meal I’ve had over here. Huge baked potato, salad, fresh green beans, and a tofu/eggplant/pepper stew over rice. OH MY GOD so good, and any tofu-haters out there would so be conformed by this dish it was amazing. We ate and talked and had such a good time! We then went out to find a bar to get a drink at, and of course when you’re looking for something you can’t find it, but we ended up in one just down from our hostel, with the friendliest bar owner I’ve ever met. We ended up meeting back up with Josh and the bartender pushed our tables together and took us into the back and showed us his 460 different kinds of beer, including apple, raspberry, pomegranate, banana, chocolate, coconut, Jesus, and many more. Most of us had the coconut, which was an excellent choice, and Sarah had the Jesus, which is apparently named after, “Jesus, we got it right!” because it’s so good, and 10% as well. Sarah had a sip and was like, “Oh my god.” and the little old bartender was like, “No, JESUS!” it was so perfect. I had an awesome night, minus the fact that I actually can’t talk and won’t be able to tomorrow. The bar was like a hotbox of cigarette smoke and I left before everyone else just because it hurt to breathe. I fully appreciate the laws in Canada against smoking inside, they are literally saving peoples lives I bet. Thanks Canada!

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sunny 22 °C

Bruges is beautiful! I just had to say that first. Such a cute little town full of canals and ancient houses and buildings. I remember researching Bruges at home and being so excited about it, and now I know why. It is very cute, very picturesque. Meera and I didn’t get here until after 1, but we still saw quite a bit of the town, and we went on a little boat cruise around the canals. Unfortunately I forgot my camera at the hostel (locked up safely, but still) so I didn’t get to take any pictures on this beautiful day! But we had fun. Got lost and had some pretty rude service, but saw lots of chocolate shops, beer shops, cute houses, horse carriages (wtf?) and dogs. Apparently Bruges people love their animals. Even stopped to pet a baby border collie, which was probably the highlight of my day. Fun! There were lots of cute shops so I think I’ll be making my way around those tomorrow, as well as the chocolate museum and the fries museum that we missed today. I still have no voice (since Paris.. Not sure if I mentioned that) and there are no smoking laws in Belgium. Cool! Everyone around me is smoking it’s not good for the throat. I so appreciate the laws in Canada now! Anyways hope everyone is doing well at home!

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Chocolate_.jpgToday in Brussels was a complete 360 change from yesterday; in other words, I had a great day! Meera and I went exploring Brussels, which is quite easy by foor. We saw many cathedrals and churches, the “peeing man” fountain/statue, we ate fries (I had mine with ketchup, new experiences all around!) had chocolate, and explored some more. We wandered around the most beautiful grand market square, and had a great day with decent weather.
After sightseeing pretty much the entire city, we went to Mini Europe, and family park with tons of Europe’s most famous landmarks, all at a 1:25 scale. It was amazing! I totally loved every second of it!
We then headed back to our hostel, where we found our new roommates to be a German mother and her 5 year old son. Awesome... we went and got a beer at the pub around the corner. The boy is seriously creepy, very sixth-sense-esque, and stares at you constantly. Meera couldn’t even go into the room alone haha. When we got back to the room around 11, the boy sat straight up in his bed and watched us grab our stuff, and shushed us. Uh, cool, 5-year old. Guess what? This is what happens when you stay in a hostel! Anyways, we’re off to bed now and going to Brugges in the morning.

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