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Pictures of London and Brighton


London Eye
Shakespeare's Globe theater
Riding the underground!
St. Pauls from the Millenium Bridge
St. Paul's
St. Paul's and I
You know you're in London when!!
Pendant from Portobello road market
Wellington Arch
Buckingham palace!
Monument at the palace
Westminister Abbey
Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
Streets of london
Wedding dress from Harrods!! BEAUTIFUL! Got in trouble for taking pictures though..
Sherlock Holmes
A palace in Brighton
Brighton Pier and pebble beach
Chris and I on the pier

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I Can See Clearly Now, the Rain Has Gone!

sunny 26 °C

Yipee! No rain for two whole days, knock on wood!

Yesterday I met up with Chris at the Victoria Station in London, and we headed off to be tacky tourists together in Brighton, one of the cutest towns ever! We got in and since Chris had been there before (and was suffering a minor hangover from partying in Nottingham all weekend) he pointed us towards the pebble beach where we lazed around in the sun for over an hour, playing a rock game and hanging out. Was very relaxing but I fully should have brought my bathing suit to get max usage of the sun. Oh well, it looks like it's here to stay!

Then we walked into the town more and found some food, which included one of the best bean burgers I've ever had. We then walked out onto the Pier, which was full of vendors and arcade games and rides, which thankfully the lines were too long otherwise I would have made a fool of myself screaming my head off in front of Chris! So we walked back down the pier to go to the beach, and just as I was saying "It feels like I'm gonna get..." a bid pooped on me. Right on my hand, thankfully not on my head, and I screamed and therefore probably drew more attention to myself lol, but I was just about to say 'shit on'!! How crazy is that?! I called it the law of attraction... anyways we cleaned my hand off and made for the beach, where no less than an hour later, I got pooped on AGAIN this time on the leg. NICE. This one wasn't quite as messy though, so that was good, but I like to think I'm an extremely lucky person. Chris was saying he has no worries about getting shat on because I was right next to him! Haha, veeeery funny. After a very long argument about burrowing sea creatures (which I won), we headed up towards town and got drinks while waiting to catch our seperate trains back. In this time, I found out that Chris has never heard of the Amish, or Oprah ("What's an Oprah? Like, do you mean opera singing? Oh, isn't that some American talk show or something?! OH MY GOD), and we had some good laughs telling old stories and misunderstanding each other. I actually started crying when he thought I said that our male waiter was plucking his eyebrows right in the middle of the restaurant. Don't ask how we got there with that one, but it was the funniest thing ever. I had two very large pints of Lager Shandy's (sp?) so that may have made it a bit funnier than normal.

We then got some dinner and made our way back to the train station, where my train was either going in 4 minutes or in 1 hour and 4 minutes, so we said a quick goodbye and me and 5 other guys had to literally sprint to catch the train. Because it was only 15 seconds till the train went off you couldn't open the doors with the buttons, so we sprinted off towards the conductor trying all the doors but none of them worked. Very much like the scene in Titanic where the guys have to crawl under the doors closing to escape being trapped in the steam rooms of the boat where they were working. Seriously, that's all that was running through my head as I was running. But I made it on and got home just after 10. Now I'm off to Edinburgh to see the tattoo tonight! Eeek I can't wait :)

Thanks to Duncan for all his hospitalities, it made my time in London much less stressed than I would have been in a hostel, and gave me a chance to catch up with a Parksvillian, and sleep in a real bed, and not have to worry about locking my stuff up, and everything else that goes along with hostelling. It definitely felt like a vacation away from backpacking, so thanks a million for that Duncan!

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London Part Two

sunny 20 °C

HOLY man. Wait, did I start my last post like that too? This place is nuts. Absolutely nuts. I get home (well not home, but to a home I'm staying at!) and am absolutely famished, usually have a headache, and just want to drink away the stress of the day. Yesterday I got up early and went on a Hidden London walking tour with London Walks. It was really good. We went to a few different churches, saw the Monument, walked down Blackfriars, learnt about the past trades of London that are still present today, etc. etc. Good tour, the guide even sang a few songs, which if anyone knows me, makes me feel awkward! I hate it when people sing at innapropriate times. Anyways, besides the point. After that I went to the Portobello road market, which was really good! Apparently not that big on Fridays, but big enough for me! All I bought was an old cameo pendant, but I love it.

Next I made my way to the Tate modern, where I proceeded to frown and make faces at random art that seemed either pointless or just plain strange to me. I just don't get art. There's not a fiber in my being that understands it, so I don't try to! There were some picasso pieces there that were pretty cool, but some of the stuff was just strange. OH on my way to the tate I walked through the filming of "Get Him to the Greek", a movie coming out next year, and they were doing a scene on one of the cafe's on the River Thames, and I saw Russell Brand, in the flesh! So cool! He was like RIGHT THERE! Brittain is just full of famous people! So that was pretty cool, first celebrity sighting for me! Besides my good friend PC, of course! But he's more royalty...

Anyways next I went to Oxford street, or attempted to anyways. I only got to one shop and everything was closing so I just headed back to Woking. Very long day, but got most of what I wanted to do done. Duncan and I drank cider and wine and chatted until 3 am, so I pretty much passed out when I got to bed after my marathon day!

This morning I got up and made my way to the Wellington Arch for a New London tour that was aaaaawesome. They always are. These are the free tours where they work for tips, so they're really entertaining and informative, and they tell funny stories and really work for their money. It was a royalty tour so we went through Green Park and St. James' Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, Big Ben, the houses of parliament, and a bunch of other important sites and monuments. So in this tour I got to see the rest of what I wanted to see in London. The tour guide was really funny and Irish, and she told us stories about break-in-attempts at Buckingham Palace, and scandals that have taken place over the years with the British Royalty. Quite cool. Also saw where Prince Charles and Prince Harry and William live, who are apparently both dating our tour guide! In her dreams anyways :)

After the tour I made my way to Liverpool street, on the lookout for Spitafields market. I asked for directions, and was led to Smithfields market, like way far away, so that was lame. Then, I thought I'd check out a different market, so I got all the way down this sketchy Indian county of London just to find out it's only on Sundays! Then I went to Baker street to go to Madame Tussauds wax museum, and the line was at least a half an hour long, so I just came back to Woking. A long day of mostly not getting anywhere, but that's what you do in London! I could have stayed near the Parliament, but the crowds were unbelievable, and I felt claustophobic and squished constantly; it was just too much. Now I'm gonna paint my nails and chill out for the evening, and off to Brighton tomorrow for a little day trip!

OH and by the way, I think I got a TAN today it was so hot and sunny out! Very nice.. made getting lost all day not so bad at all :)

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Newspapers as umbrellas and fast-walking people.

rain 17 °C

HOLY man, London's freaking huge. Huge isn't even the word! So much to learn even about how to BE in London. But I've got the tube under control, got the fast walk going, if only I packed a business suit in my backpack I'd fit right in! The amount of tourists in this city is unbelievable, like I sort of forgot about all the tourists that come to Europe, until I got here they are just EVERYWHERE. But it's all good!

No pictures on this post, by the way, I'm on Duncans computer which is where I'm staying out in Woking. Woking is super cute! Very posh neighbourhood, though Duncan wouldn't admit it. Actually, at 90,000 people it's a bit bigger than a neighborhood! Fabulous shopping center literally 5 minutes walk away from his place, and Duncan offered to bring home half a suitcase for me, which I'm fully taking him up on! I bought really cute stuff yesterday, as well as a really nice work dress, jacket, and 2 pairs of beautiful, non-leather shoes. Spent some money, but totally worth it!

Yesterday afternoon, by the time I finished shopping, I hopped on the train/tube and went to Shakespear's Globe Theater and a tour. The tour was about half a pound a minute, lasting only about 20 minutes, but really informative, and you get to go inside and snap pictures of the vacant Globe theater. I tried t get tickets for the next day's performance, and the girl almost laughed at me, as they're sold out for 3 weeks, and all of Romeo and Juliet's shows are sold out until October. After that I made my way over to Duncans, cardigan over my head as an umbrella, and we headed back to woking and got some dinner at a pub that had curry night. It was delicious! Today I have a massive day planned, and if I get through it all on time and on the tube it will be a miracle!

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Stonehenge and Fashion and Drinks in Salisbury

rain 15 °C

Yesterday morning I got up and got on the bus for the Stonehenge tour. Stonehenge was built over 4000 years ago, but that's pretty much the only thing cool about it. It really is a bunch of rocks just hanging out in a field, but I had to go see it. Actually, whats really crazy is that these huge rocks were brought over almost 5000 years ago from Wales, so how they did that must've been pretty amazing. Other than that, nobody really knows what it was used for, and it was just some big rocks standing up. But, when in England, go see Stonehenge!
After retourning to Bath I walked up to the Circus and the Crescent, where all the houses are georgian style, and really old, and really, really expensive. I think a home in the Crescent costs upwards of 4 million pounds or something? Unreal. I thought that they would be these amazing, hug houses, but they were all together?! Like I wasn't expecting that. I passed by Jane Austin's house as well, but didn't go in.
Then I made my way over to the Fashion Museum. It was so cool! They had a Supremes exhibit, so it showed a ton of the original dresses that the girl group wore back in the 60's. They were amazing; so well done, so intricate, SO many sequins and plastic scales and beads. It was crazy to see. Then I went into the actual fashion museum, and it went through fashion, both men's and women's, from the early 1800's to the present day. They had amazing, original dresses that the Queen used to wear way back when! Very well done. It also has old swimsuits and corsets and shoes and bags and stuff, really neat to see.

Yesterday night I hopped the train over to Salisbury and met with Dan, a guy I know who was visiting Revelstoke last year. Was incredibly good to see someone who was like, "Hey Kelsey, how's it going?" I didn't know it would feel so good to recognize someone! Actually he was driving his little car and called me over, I hardly did recognize him! We drove into Salisbury and it was so weird. Anyone who knows me knows I'm the worst passenger driver anyways, and on top of that they drive on the other side of the road and I haven't been in a car for a month, so I freaked out a little. It kept feeling like he would run into things or that we would bottom out in his little car lol, but we got there safe and sound with minimal comments from me. Crazy! We parked and found a pub and got a drink and chatted for a couple of hours before I had to get the last train back. Was a GREAT visit!

Now I'm hanging out before I get my train to London! Super excited :)

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Bath is Beautiful!

sunny 17 °C

Wow, Bath is unreal. Jaime, I know why you wanted to come here so badly! It is absolutely breathtaking, beautiful, old, very cool. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked out of my hostel this morning! Very, very pretty city. I got some breakfast and headed into the ancient roman baths museum, exhibition thing. It was really cool, interesting, all of the above. Learned about how they made the baths and how they used to use them, very cool. The ground level was further down than the city, and I was standing in an area that was built over 2000 years ago!
After that I had my lunch in this sqaure,
and then wandered around the town and just marveled in how amazing it all was! I feel like I've taken a step back in time!
I went to dinner at DeMuths, a vegetarian restaurant, a super fancy, pretentious vegetarian restaurant! My meal was suuuuper expensive and tiny, but very good. Wouldn't go back though unless I was at dinner with like, a vegetarian celebrity or something! It's all good. I then went to the Thermae Spa Baths, which uses the water from the hot springs. It was super expensive, but I wanted a relaxing evening, and that's exactly what I got. There were 2 different pools, one being on the roof top so that was cool, and there was a spa room with 4 different steam rooms, all smelling like different things: Jasmine, lavender, eculyptus, and mint. Very yummy, sweaty, relaxing. The room has little foot baths in it and a bit, elegant rain shower thing in the middle. I loved it! Felt a little awkward at times just being there by myself, but I've learned not to care! I enjoyed myself anyways. Now I'm waiting to hear back from Dan, who lives in Winchester who I met in Revelstoke, so we can meet up for drinks tomorrow night in Salisbury! Life is goooood :)

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overcast 15 °C

Yesterday I got up and did Laundry. Laundry while backpacking is the most down time you get, because you’re forced to do nothing in your hostel until it’s done. You could go on a walk, but when all you do is walk you’d rather just hang out, read, write, or whatever. You’re forced to just relax. But I still hate it, especially when after 2+ hours of waiting, your clothes are still wet and you didn’t bring any more money down with you to the laundry room! I packed all my half-dry clothes up in my north face coat (little trick I’ve come by) and hung them out all over my room. 24 hours later there still not perfectly dry, but I’m not that concerned anymore.

After laundry, I went out to wander around the little university town of York. It is SUPER cute here! The streets are all really, really tiny, and there were no cars at all! It was a little weird.. I found a cute little hippy street market selling lots of jewelry, candles, incense, and scarves, but nothing really caught my eye. York is a walled city, so I walked around the walls a bit too, and saw the huge gothic cathedral that York's sort of famous for. I had lunch at El Piano, an all vegan, sort of Mexican-Indian café. It was so good, but I actually had to get the waitress to pick for me because I’m not good with choice! She was like, “I know what you mean, I’m vegan too, but can’t you just pick something?!” I was like EF fine! Haha. All the food comes tapas-style in these little bamboo boats, it was really cute. I ended up deciding on the potato soup of the day and the salad sampler (it’s all the salads in a big boat so you don’t have to decide! Brilliant!) It was really good and really filling, I couldn’t even get desert I was sooo full!
After that I continued to wander around, and I went to the Jorvick exhibit, which talks about the ancient Viking town of York, and how they discovered it, etc. etc.. It was really cute you get into a “time capsule” that shakes you around and turns you back in time to like 907 CE or something, and then you get out and get into these ride cars that explain everything and move you around the exhibit. It was really cute! There were TONS of hanging animals and furs everywhere though, so that turned my stomach a little. But it was good. After Jorvick I wandered around, came back to the hostel and made dinner, and pretty much passed out!
Off to Liverpool today! Hope everyone is doing well in the home country!

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