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As I write this we've just touched down in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and we've got a quick 2 hour layover. Our 4 hour flight from Vancouver to Toronto felt long, our 5 hour layover in Toronto felt even longer of course, and the flight we just got off of was 13 hours. It was testing, to say the least! Ethiopia Airlines was pretty phenomenal and managed to feed me the whole way through which keeps everyone happy. Josh's primary goal of this trip is to keep me well fed as I tend to get a little hangry at times. But you all know that already.


I was pretty impressed that they had vegan meals ready for me. I did call in advance, but it was a struggle explaining what vegan was over the phone and I was sure I wasn't going to get a meal. But I was pleasantly surprised! Plus the drinks were free so Josh and I indulged in some Ethiopian beer that was pretty good.



This airport is pretty small and outdated. I'm getting the first opportunity to people watch and it's been very interesting so far. Lots of very well dressed people here. We watched a group of kids, maybe ages 3-10, go through security, and they all had with what we think is Spina Bifida. They were being led by a middle aged white guy, who were assuming was in charge of a program or something for these kids. All the kids were so cute and they all helped each other through security it was really sweet.


I'm looking forward to getting on the ground soon and finishing the marathon of travel!

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