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Newspapers as umbrellas and fast-walking people.

rain 17 °C

HOLY man, London's freaking huge. Huge isn't even the word! So much to learn even about how to BE in London. But I've got the tube under control, got the fast walk going, if only I packed a business suit in my backpack I'd fit right in! The amount of tourists in this city is unbelievable, like I sort of forgot about all the tourists that come to Europe, until I got here they are just EVERYWHERE. But it's all good!

No pictures on this post, by the way, I'm on Duncans computer which is where I'm staying out in Woking. Woking is super cute! Very posh neighbourhood, though Duncan wouldn't admit it. Actually, at 90,000 people it's a bit bigger than a neighborhood! Fabulous shopping center literally 5 minutes walk away from his place, and Duncan offered to bring home half a suitcase for me, which I'm fully taking him up on! I bought really cute stuff yesterday, as well as a really nice work dress, jacket, and 2 pairs of beautiful, non-leather shoes. Spent some money, but totally worth it!

Yesterday afternoon, by the time I finished shopping, I hopped on the train/tube and went to Shakespear's Globe Theater and a tour. The tour was about half a pound a minute, lasting only about 20 minutes, but really informative, and you get to go inside and snap pictures of the vacant Globe theater. I tried t get tickets for the next day's performance, and the girl almost laughed at me, as they're sold out for 3 weeks, and all of Romeo and Juliet's shows are sold out until October. After that I made my way over to Duncans, cardigan over my head as an umbrella, and we headed back to woking and got some dinner at a pub that had curry night. It was delicious! Today I have a massive day planned, and if I get through it all on time and on the tube it will be a miracle!

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Stonehenge and Fashion and Drinks in Salisbury

rain 15 °C

Yesterday morning I got up and got on the bus for the Stonehenge tour. Stonehenge was built over 4000 years ago, but that's pretty much the only thing cool about it. It really is a bunch of rocks just hanging out in a field, but I had to go see it. Actually, whats really crazy is that these huge rocks were brought over almost 5000 years ago from Wales, so how they did that must've been pretty amazing. Other than that, nobody really knows what it was used for, and it was just some big rocks standing up. But, when in England, go see Stonehenge!
After retourning to Bath I walked up to the Circus and the Crescent, where all the houses are georgian style, and really old, and really, really expensive. I think a home in the Crescent costs upwards of 4 million pounds or something? Unreal. I thought that they would be these amazing, hug houses, but they were all together?! Like I wasn't expecting that. I passed by Jane Austin's house as well, but didn't go in.
Then I made my way over to the Fashion Museum. It was so cool! They had a Supremes exhibit, so it showed a ton of the original dresses that the girl group wore back in the 60's. They were amazing; so well done, so intricate, SO many sequins and plastic scales and beads. It was crazy to see. Then I went into the actual fashion museum, and it went through fashion, both men's and women's, from the early 1800's to the present day. They had amazing, original dresses that the Queen used to wear way back when! Very well done. It also has old swimsuits and corsets and shoes and bags and stuff, really neat to see.

Yesterday night I hopped the train over to Salisbury and met with Dan, a guy I know who was visiting Revelstoke last year. Was incredibly good to see someone who was like, "Hey Kelsey, how's it going?" I didn't know it would feel so good to recognize someone! Actually he was driving his little car and called me over, I hardly did recognize him! We drove into Salisbury and it was so weird. Anyone who knows me knows I'm the worst passenger driver anyways, and on top of that they drive on the other side of the road and I haven't been in a car for a month, so I freaked out a little. It kept feeling like he would run into things or that we would bottom out in his little car lol, but we got there safe and sound with minimal comments from me. Crazy! We parked and found a pub and got a drink and chatted for a couple of hours before I had to get the last train back. Was a GREAT visit!

Now I'm hanging out before I get my train to London! Super excited :)

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Bath is Beautiful!

sunny 17 °C

Wow, Bath is unreal. Jaime, I know why you wanted to come here so badly! It is absolutely breathtaking, beautiful, old, very cool. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked out of my hostel this morning! Very, very pretty city. I got some breakfast and headed into the ancient roman baths museum, exhibition thing. It was really cool, interesting, all of the above. Learned about how they made the baths and how they used to use them, very cool. The ground level was further down than the city, and I was standing in an area that was built over 2000 years ago!
After that I had my lunch in this sqaure,
and then wandered around the town and just marveled in how amazing it all was! I feel like I've taken a step back in time!
I went to dinner at DeMuths, a vegetarian restaurant, a super fancy, pretentious vegetarian restaurant! My meal was suuuuper expensive and tiny, but very good. Wouldn't go back though unless I was at dinner with like, a vegetarian celebrity or something! It's all good. I then went to the Thermae Spa Baths, which uses the water from the hot springs. It was super expensive, but I wanted a relaxing evening, and that's exactly what I got. There were 2 different pools, one being on the roof top so that was cool, and there was a spa room with 4 different steam rooms, all smelling like different things: Jasmine, lavender, eculyptus, and mint. Very yummy, sweaty, relaxing. The room has little foot baths in it and a bit, elegant rain shower thing in the middle. I loved it! Felt a little awkward at times just being there by myself, but I've learned not to care! I enjoyed myself anyways. Now I'm waiting to hear back from Dan, who lives in Winchester who I met in Revelstoke, so we can meet up for drinks tomorrow night in Salisbury! Life is goooood :)

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Swansea, Mumbles, and Cardiff.

sunny 18 °C

Cardiff has been absolutely amazing. The sun has been out for the last two days, and I'm actually beaming I'm so happy. It's the weather; you can't be sad in the sun with good company.

Yesterday Chris, the local guy from the bar, and I met up at Central Station in Cardiff and went out to Swansea and Mumbles for the day. We got into Swansea and just walked around, and tried to figure out how to get to Mumbles, which felt impossible but we finally got it. There were cute dogs all over the place, so petting a couple of them made me happy happy, but also made me miss my rone. It's all good, dog time goes fast, right?

We finally found the right bus and hopped on for a quick ride to Mumbles. Walked around, looked in some book stores and such, and found the beach. Despite the clouds, it was refreshing to be near the ocean again. And Chris was great company. I never do anything with people I meet during the day, so it was a nice change. We found a pub to eat at, and had lunch after one of the hardest times I've had during my vegan life to order. It's all good, I just hate being fussy!
Headed back towards Swansea, looked at some pricey Love Spoons - a traditional Welsh gift you give to people as wedding gifts, birthday presents, etc. They were nice, but too much, and I wouldn't know what to do with a big one! The clouds literally parted and it got super hot and sunny out, so we found a center area with all these steps in the middle of Swansea and sat for over an hour, chatting and tanning and people watching. Was very relaxing, and hot for a change!! A change that better stick!
Then we headed back to Cardiff. There were 4 boys on a "bachelor party" in my room, so I had planned to get a few drinks with them last night, but ended up falling asleep in my jeans after putting my head on the pillow, no kidding. Woke up at midnight with a very hot laptop on my chest! The "bachelors party" is in quotations because I'm pretty sure they were bullshitting, but I still can't fully tell. They were an odd bunch for sure, but good entertainment at the least, and perma-drunk. James woke up literally sleeping on chips that he doesn't remember getting last night. Had quite a laugh at that this morning! All seemed very nice though, would have like to get to know them more. Anyways, today Chris and I had lunch at the Vegetarian Food Studio in Cardiff. We found it on a whim, in a more dodgy area, and had vegan Indian food. I just about killed Chris because it was soooo spicy, but after a jug of water and an "ice lolly" we survived. It's hilarious the words people use over here. Like I could listen to him talk all day it's so funny. Normal for him, but cool for me. A bit the other way around too, but I got more of a kick out of him for sure. We walked down to a park and watched some beer league cricket. It was awesome! Chris found the skill level highly embarassing, but I loved it. The very lazy outfielders made it even better.
We then walked back towards my hostel, passing through a fair, which was loud but cool. Chris carried my bag to the train station, which was an awesome break, and after we parted ways I made my way to Bath. I had started reading a new book I picked up in Swansea, and blasted my music because I knew my train ride was over an hour and a half, but in-between songs when the conductor called out that we were in Salisbury, 45 minutes on the other side of Bath, I freaked out a little to say the least, as it was late on a Sunday night and I prayed I could get a train back! The conductor was really nice and told me to sprint to the other side of the tracks to catch the train in 2 minutes to Bath, which I promptly did. And the conductor on the other side even filled up my water bottle at the first stop we came to! So cute, such nice old conductor men helping out the frazzled, lost Canadian girl! I swear the patch on my bag gets me perks :) Anyways, I'm in Bath now, in the bar of my sweet hostel, waiting for tomorrow to head out and explore! My 12-bed hostel room is empty except for an aussie girl and a guy from London, Ontario, so I should have an amazing sleep, depending only on if the springs don't jab into my shoulders like they did last night. Hostel beds are not of good quality. Anyways Trevor, from Canada, and I had a good chat. His older brother works for TD as well! "In a call center not in India" lol. Anyways, off to bed, I've had a long but wonderful day :)

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Cardiff on the Town

rain 13 °C

Alright, so. Yesterday morning I got up and was very happy that my knee didn't hurt! So I got up and ready and headed out to Cardiff castle. I was slowly making my way there when I saw a crowd of people outside of the castle. Then I looked into the ticket office and saw a sign that said the castle was closed today! Anyways I hung around, waiting for some parade that people were talking about, and finally a huge brigade of war veterans from Afganistan came out, as well as a band, huge army tanks and trucks, and Prince Charles! Yep, saw P.C. again, we're pretty tight now, no big deal.
It was really cool though all the locals were waving the Welsh flag and cheering and clapping at all the young guys who had just come back from war. Very cool, very sobering. Lots of people were crying and stuff it was quite cool. Then I wandered around some more and made lunch, then I caught the train down to Cardiff Bay. It was really cute down there, lots of cute restaurants, not quite as many cute shops as I thought there would be, but it was cute. Got to see the ocean so I was happy! Saw the church where Rhoald Dalh was baptized as well.
I met up with Katy and Jazz, two aussie girls in my hostel room, and we got ready to go out for drinks. Francois, from South Africa, lives here and offered to show us a couple of cool places, so we headed out in the (suprise!) rain. I was the only smart one and brought my rain coat; it didn't quite go with my dress but at least I was dry! The first place Francois took us to was a SUPER cute little cocktail bar, all organic and really original drinks, and the best decor I've seen in a 'pub'. Really, really cute place. We had different kinds of blended mohitos and collins', and they were unreal. Very cute place, I can't say it enough!
Next we went to O'Neils, an irish bar with some live music by a solo artist, playing guitar, bass drum, and this crazy like african drum too. He was very good, took requests from the crowd and everything, and played till after 1 am. So good! And cute too, but that's irrelevant... Anyways we met this guy Chris, from Cardiff, who was out with his very drunk dad and his dad's friends. Too funny! He was fully embarassed but laughed at his dad too, it was great. His dad's friends were Irish and Welsh, and they guessed I was from Canada, yay! The singer, on the other hand, though I was American (booo). Anyways Chris was consoling this crazy woman who had all her hash and rolling papers stolen, so we stole him away and he took us to Buffalo Bar, which was a pub inside a house, it was really cute. But before we got inside we saw this crazy barfight break out between one of the bouncers and a very drunk man. I don't even know what brought it on, but the drunken guy was trying to run through his friends holding him back, swinging at this bouncer, and then bouncer then proceeded to take his coat off, take his taser out (which Katy and I thought was a gun and we like gasped and looked at each other, but it wasn't), and get ready for this guy to come at him. It was actually quite scary, even his friends were like shit, he's gotta stop. Then the guy came around to the railing, and the bouncer leaned over and slapped him hard across the face, it was unreal! We all screamed a little, I definitely didn't see that coming. I thought the bouncer should of been the professional one and backed off, but nope! Anyways, really freaky, but we had 2 boys with us so we felt ok, and we stayed far away from it until we went inside. Once we got in it was really cute. We went out into the back garden, and Francois taught us this slaps drinking game that was so simple but really fun. Definitely bringing that one back! We hung out there until after 3 am, and then walked back to our hostel. Woke up this morning next to a cute guy I didn't know! Haha, but that's just the beauty of hostelling :)

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I've done nothing in Cardiff...

sunny 16 °C

Thought I'd update this real quick. So far I've been in Cardiff 2 nights, and yesterday morning I popped my knee out WHILE shopping (a sign??) so I did absolutely nothing all day except lounge around in the hostel, and iceing my knee. Not fun! But I'm on my way out the door to explore, and my knee feels fine today. And I see sun poking out, so hopefully today will make up for yesterday!!

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Liverpool-- "Here Comes the Sun"... but not for long!

overcast 15 °C

WOW! Sorry for the late update, but there was NO wifi in Liverpool. Ok, there was, but it was either expensive, or didn't work, or I actually couldn't find it anywhere! But anyways I'll update this baby now lol..

I got into Liverpool in the middle of a very sunny day! So I quickly checked into my YHA hostel (boooo) with ten pound wifi for 24 hours (double booooooooooo) and headed out to Albert Dock to walk around. It was a beautiful day, something I totally took for granted, but really enjoyed walking around and soaking up that bit of vitamin D. I went into the Merseyside Museum as well, and looked at exhibits on the Titanic, Lithuania, and the International Slavery museum. It was all really cool. After that I went to Liverpool ONE, a huge outdoor shopping complex, but I didn't buy anything. Aren't you proud?!
Yesterday morning I got up, had breakfast, and didn't let the pouring rain stop me from going out and walking the town. I went to the Cathedral; I guess it's the biggest one in the UK or something? It was pretty big! Had tons of different chambers and halls and stuff, it was beautiful. I also walked around in the gardens, which was more like a very organized, sort of decorative graveyard. It wasn't a regular graveyard, though. Most of the graves were around the edge of the walkways and stuff, and I kept wondering if they had to move a bunch of the graves to make the gardens, because I'm sure they weren't buried that way in the late 1800's, which was what most of the headstones read. It's so sad there are so many kids who died back then, and you see so many huge headstones of lists of kids from a family who all died under the age of 2. It seems like the parents just kept trying to have kids, even though they would have 10 who died. It's really sad! I also saw gravestones for the orphanages of Liverpool, where a lot fo kids died between 5 and 15. It's really hard to imagine what life was like back then!
I then found a vegetarian cafe called The Egg, where I had an awesome lunch. I kept wandering around the city, eventually making it back down to the docks to go to The Beatles Story museum, which was really cool. I lied and said I was a student to get 4 pounds off the admission price, which I haven't done since I got here, but just couldn't resist! It was a huge difference compared to most places, and the guy didn't even question me so whatever. Probably won't do it again though, I was literally sweating after. I can't lie for the life of me!

The museum was really cool, really, really well done. I (shamefully) know absolutely nothing about The Beatles, past The Yellow Submarine and that Paul McCartney's vegetarian (all that matters really :)). But I learned a ton about them and it was cool, because after they go through their whole story together, there are little rooms dedicated to them separately that go through their own individual successes, so that was neat. I really enjoyed the museum and all the cool music and crazy videos from when they were in their prime.
That night I made some dinner, then I had a crazy, overwhelming urge to go to the gym, and there was one down the street so I got all ready to go, only to find out that they were just building a gym down the road. Damn. I went for a power walk anyways, which led me to the theater, which led me to watching "The Proposal" which was really cute! There were some dumb parts, but overall I laughed a ton, so I was happy. It was the first time I had to walk home alone in the dark though, but I stayed under streetlights and made it safe and sound.

This morning I made the almost 7 hour train/wait/train/wait/etc.... trek from Liverpool to Cardiff, so once I got in I was exhausted, and in some serious internet surfing time, so I did just that. I finally got up and got some sushi at a really cute little sushi bar where it comes on a conveyor belt and you just take what you want it was so cute! Apparently they're everywhere but I thought it was the coolest thing. Anyways, finally heading off to bed now, having a bit of a longer stay in Cardiff so that'll be nice!

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overcast 15 °C

Yesterday I got up and did Laundry. Laundry while backpacking is the most down time you get, because you’re forced to do nothing in your hostel until it’s done. You could go on a walk, but when all you do is walk you’d rather just hang out, read, write, or whatever. You’re forced to just relax. But I still hate it, especially when after 2+ hours of waiting, your clothes are still wet and you didn’t bring any more money down with you to the laundry room! I packed all my half-dry clothes up in my north face coat (little trick I’ve come by) and hung them out all over my room. 24 hours later there still not perfectly dry, but I’m not that concerned anymore.

After laundry, I went out to wander around the little university town of York. It is SUPER cute here! The streets are all really, really tiny, and there were no cars at all! It was a little weird.. I found a cute little hippy street market selling lots of jewelry, candles, incense, and scarves, but nothing really caught my eye. York is a walled city, so I walked around the walls a bit too, and saw the huge gothic cathedral that York's sort of famous for. I had lunch at El Piano, an all vegan, sort of Mexican-Indian café. It was so good, but I actually had to get the waitress to pick for me because I’m not good with choice! She was like, “I know what you mean, I’m vegan too, but can’t you just pick something?!” I was like EF fine! Haha. All the food comes tapas-style in these little bamboo boats, it was really cute. I ended up deciding on the potato soup of the day and the salad sampler (it’s all the salads in a big boat so you don’t have to decide! Brilliant!) It was really good and really filling, I couldn’t even get desert I was sooo full!
After that I continued to wander around, and I went to the Jorvick exhibit, which talks about the ancient Viking town of York, and how they discovered it, etc. etc.. It was really cute you get into a “time capsule” that shakes you around and turns you back in time to like 907 CE or something, and then you get out and get into these ride cars that explain everything and move you around the exhibit. It was really cute! There were TONS of hanging animals and furs everywhere though, so that turned my stomach a little. But it was good. After Jorvick I wandered around, came back to the hostel and made dinner, and pretty much passed out!
Off to Liverpool today! Hope everyone is doing well in the home country!

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Ghosts and Princes and Clans Re-united

sunny 18 °C

Last night (which seems forever ago already. On a side note, today is one of those, 'Ok, so where am I again?' days! I'm in York, England, but it doesn't feel like it yet!) I went on a ghost tour of the city, luckily AFTER it finished pouring rain. It wasn't actually all that exciting or haunting or anything though, but I met a really nice girl, Morgan, from Toronto, and her mom Laurie. We hung out on the trip and made pending plans to meet up in a couple of weeks on the beaches of Spain or southern France. I hope it all works out! Not too much to say about the ghost tour, it was interesting, but even me being the scaredy-cat that I am, would have liked to have a few hairs on my neck stand up on a ghost tour. But it really wasn't scary or anything! Went to bed early, and had a pretty good sleep despite staying in a room with 6 guys on a stag and 3 Irish girls who rolled in at 7:30 am. But that's what holidays are for!
Today I got up, made arrangements at the train station, and followed the masses down the Royal Mile to the 2009 Gathering. And by masses, I mean 40,000 people. And who else would show up but Prince Charles, future King of England!!! Totally was like 20 feet away from him! No good pictures though, other than his backside, but Jasmine got AWESOME ones because of her inside information!!
Jasmine, the highland mom I met at the Balloch highland games, and I met back up at the gathering, where her daughter was dancing. She told me not to tell, but she had gone on a pub crawl the night before with all the moms on her trip. She had an awesome night out, and happened to meet the royal guards for Prince Charles! The only single mom in the group, who was also a cop, got one of their numbers and was texting the guy all night/morning, and he told them exactly when and where to be when Prince Charles was coming in. How cool! You should SEE the pictures she got of him; close up face shots that were sooo funny, I told her to sell them online, they were hilarious! She was like 3 feet away from him, no kidding. Little brush with fame for the day!

Anyways, the gathering was amazing, and the weather cleared up perfectly for it. They had clan tents set up so I immediately found the MacInnes one and bought them out! I bought my dad and I t-shirts, a clan book, pin, button (which I sported all day) and a tie for my brother made out of the new tartan they had done up this year. They threw in a free clan pen because I'm such a good customer. Just trying to be a good clan member! It was really neat though meeting people with the same family history, and the main organizer even spelled his name like I did without the 'a'! Really cool. I believe we all came from the same thing anyways, but for some reason I felt extra related to these people, most of whom were from the states. Was a really cool experience! After that I wandered around and soaked up the amazing atmosphere at the games.
I then went on to the highland dancing, literally fought some old lady for a chair (I so let her win; I'm such a good citizen) and sat and watched dancing all afternoon. As you can probably guess I was in heaven! It so made me want to go back home and either set up a dance school, get my judging certificate and judge competitions, or learn how to play bagpipes and pipe at competitions! I WILL do one of those 3 by the time I die :) OH and there was a little boy with the same kilt as me! Nobody ever has my kilt, and he was really cute so I took a picture!
After a very quick 2 1/2 hour train ride (I was expecting 4 hours) from Edinburgh to York, I walked half an hour with my pack (quite a feat!) and am now writing this blog and drinking a glass of awesome 2.75 pound wine with ice :) life is good! AND there's a Thai spa across the road from my hostel, AND the bagpipes are still ringing in my ears. Should have an awesome sleep tonight on cloud 9!

OH and one more thought: I'm really proud to be from Canada, especially since coming over here. I've had people tell me I come from "the good land", and people are always interested in my home province and the landscapes and weather and anything Canadian. Whenever I'm in a group or tour and somebody asks where everbody's from and I say Canada, they always ask more about it. Whereas anywhere else, like the sates or Australia, they're like, "oh cool." and that's it, but when I say Canada they ask about it or talk about where they've been or say, "I've always wanted to go there!" It's really cool. Anyways, off to bed for me!

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Edinburgh-- Rain, Hills, and Pubs

rain 15 °C

SO! As some of you know Edinburgh was totally depressing me! The first couple of days here rained like crazy, so that made it hard to sight see, take pictures, and meet people outside of the weirdos staying at my crazy hostel. I did my nails, got myself into a book, called some friends and family, and just hung out for a couple of days (to make things less dramatic!) Edinburgh has definitely brought the homesickness out in me, but yesterday the sun came out and it all got better! I went on a free walking tour of the city, soy latte in hand, ready to start over in Edinburgh and take advantage of the good weather! I immediately met a girl named Tierney from California, and she saw her hostel mate Josh, from Australia. Really cool, incredibly NORMAL people, which was an awesome change from the crazies I've been running into! Very happy to have broken that little streak! Anyways the tour was awesome as usual, our guide Seth was really funny. We didn't learn too much about the history, but more about funny random things about the city. We passed by the Gilles Kirk, city chambers, Edinburgh Castle, the sight of the witch burnings, where the gallows and public hangings once took place, where J.K. Rowling wrote the first 2 Harry Potter books, a creepy cemetery, a school that inspired Hogwarts, and much more. It was 3 ½ hours long, and really informative. We learned where a lot of things originated, like sayings like “shit faced” and “the loo” and other things came from, as well as the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Really fun tour with some cool people.
This is where J.K. Rowling wrote the first 2 books of Harry Potter. She was so poor that she would turn off her heat during the day and come here and drink tea all day and write. Now apparently she's worth more than the Queen!
And this is the school that she could see from the window of the Elephant cafe that inspired Hogwarts.
Then, Tierney, Josh and I got some amazing Thai lunch/dinner, and shopped for souvenirs along the Royal Mile. We all agreed to go on the pub crawl, organized by the same company as the walking tour, so I went back to my hostel to get ready for that. Met up with them at the Bank Hotel bar and began our pub crawl! Met a really cute couple, Justin and Kristin, from LA, and Senka, a girl from Croatia. I had an awesome night! Kristin was so funny, we were laughing all night. And Kenzie, the tour guide, was from Nova Scotia, so we chatted about St. FX University and showed the Americans that Canadians have west and east sides too (haha Kristin.. “You guys do that too?!”) Had quite a bit to drink, as these 3, very well groomed Italian guys kept buying shots for everyone, and drinks were less than 2 pounds all night. By well groomed, I mean they had Monroe piercing and had more heavily tweezed eyebrows than any girl I know. I almost asked what brand of tweezers they used. Really attractive guys, but I’m hoping they went home together because they definitely didn’t give off a hetero vibe! Anyways, once we got to the club, Justin, Kristin and I walked back towards my hostel. I’m so not into clubbing and dancing, even over here! But it’s all good and I had a great night!
Today I walked down the Royal Mile to window shop, and walk Arthur’s Seat and see the Holyrood Palace. The palace is where the Queen stays when she comes to Scotland, so it was really nice and heavily guarded, even though I’m 99.9% sure she’s not there. I rounded the corner of the palace, took one look at Arthur’s seat, and headed right back up the mile. I was wearing thongs, a skirt, and had no idea that it was a huge hiking dormant volcano! I guess that was really naïve of me, but I just thought it was a nice walk lol. Might do it when I come back in August, we’ll see.
That’s all for now, not too exciting. It is raining harder right now than I've ever experienced in my life! And it's the middle of July! But I'm gonna try and trek through it soon (I'm buying am umbrella first off!!) and head to Henderson's for dinner, supposedly an amazing veggie cafe, and then tonight I’m going on a ghost tour of the city, and tomorrow is the history making 'Gathering' highland games! Very, very excited about that. And tomorrow night I’m off to York, England! I hope that my hostel in York has free wifi, because I’m about done with paying for it!

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